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Frequently Asked Questions


The follows are some frequent questions of GETEC. In case you have other questions, please contact us via email .

 01  How to contact us?

We prefer to contact with you via email. After receiving your email, we try to reply you as soon as possible, normally in one working day. The reply time depends on the content of your question. Detail GETEC's contact information can be found in the menu Contact of this website.

 02  Where is GETEC located? 

GETEC's headquarter is located at the Building No.68, Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam. The working hour is from 8.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs, lunch break time is from 12 hrs to 13 hrs, from Monday to Friday except for national holidays.


 03  What does GETEC mean?

GETEC stands for Green Energy Technology or General Electric Technology or German Technology. GETEC also means high electric and electronic technology.


 04  What are the operating fields of GETEC?

GETEC operates in the fields of electric, electronic, embedded and mechanical systems including inspection services, consultant services, designs and providing electrical and electronic devices. 


 05  What are GETEC's inspection services?

GETEC provides inspection services complying with the IEC or IEEE standards for testing and manufacturing power/distributed transformers, electric machines, switchgears, high voltage cables, power electronics converters, electric power plants (especially wind turbines and solar power plant), etc. GETEC's founder has many experiences in cooperation with ABB, Velosi, Technip, XEMC-Dawind, SETEC, EWT, Mastervolt, etc, Please click the link  to visit Linkedin's page for further information of its founder.

 06  What are GETEC's consultant services?

GETEC provides consultant services:

  • Embedded software and hardware.

  • Electromagnetic computation using finite element method (FEM), using software such as Comsol Multiphysics or FLUX 2D/3D in combination with our own software, for electric machines, transformers and electromagnetic devices;

  • FEM thermal computation using Comsol in combination with our own software based on Matlab/Simulink for all types of devices;

  • Mechanical computation such as deformation, stiffness, fatigue, eigenfrequency using FEM software Comsol, ANSYS, Nastran, FEMap for all types of devices,

  • Simulation and computation of power electronics converters using Matlab Simulink and/or LTspice and/or PSIM;

  • Electronic circuit and printed circuit board (PCB) design using Orcad Layout/Capture;

  • Electric network design (using EPLAN, Autocad Electrical) for housing, building, street, stadium, etc; and

  • 3D CAD model using Solidworks or AutoCAD 3D

  • All aspects of wind turbines: generator, power electronics converter, yaw drive, pitch drive, turbine control, transformer, cable, switch gear, etc. 

07  What is electromagnetic computation GETEC can support?

GETEC can provide FEM electromagnetic computation as follows, but not limited:

  • Flux density and flux distribution.

  • Internal voltage and load voltage.

  • Iron loss in stator iron laminations.

  • Eddy current loss in solid conductors, iron, magnet, etc.

  • Copper loss in windings due to eddy current, proximity effect, skin effect, circulation current.

  • Cogging torque and torque ripple.

  • Short circuit current and torque.

08  What is structure of wind turbine that GETEC proposes to use in Vietnam?

Dr. Hung Vu is founder and president of GETEC. He is recognized as expert at MW wind turbines. He worked more than 10 years in the Netherlands and Germany at manufacturers of MW direct-drive wind turbines and MW power electronics converters such as XEMC-Darwind and SETEC electronics and wind power. In his presentation of "Building wind turbine factory in Vietnam" (see link) and his paper of "Wind turbine in Vietnam: Potentials, opportunities and challenges " (see link), he introduced some wind turbine structures which can be effectively used in Vietnam; please click the links above to know further.  

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