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GETEC provides services of inspection, training, consultancy and design of power transformers, electric machines, motor control, switchgears, power electronics converters, embedded software applied in renewable energy, electrical vehicles and industry.

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Consultancy & Inspection Services


  • Embedded system

  • Power and distributed transformers

  • High power electric machines

  • Power electronics converters

  • UPS and charging system

  • High voltage cables

  • Switchgears

  • Power system: structure, device, protection, simulation.

  • Wind turbines

  • Solar power plants

  • Tidal turbines

  • CNC machines

  • Electromagnetic finite-element-method (FEM) computation services for electric machines

  • FEM thermal analysis

  • FEM mechanical computation.

Providing Industrial Devices & Smart Home Devices


  • Soft-starter, inverters.

  • Relays, circuit breakers and switch gears.

  • Special generators and motors.

  • Surge arresters and protection devices.

  • Timers, counter and digital relays.

  • Sensors and measurement meters: flow, pressure, encoders, resolvers, etc.

  • Smart home devices such as security devices, smoke sensor, smart door bells/rings, IP cameras, magnetic locks. 

  • Measurement devices for transformers and electric machines such as insulation meters, turn ratio instruments, PD test instruments.

  • Micro-control boards for industry, training and education.

Design of Power Electronics, Generator System & Electric Network

  • Electronic board design for soft-starter

  • IGBT converter with grid connection

  • Gate drive with opto-coupler insulator for IGBT or MOSFET module.

  • Firmware/embedded software for micro controller

  • PLC program

  • Induction motor control, servo motor control, generator system.

  • Closed loops design: current loop, speed loop, position loop.
  • Industrial communication: CAN, CAN-open, RS232, RS485, I2C... 

  • Electric network for house, building, street, stadium.

  • Special high performance electric machines.

  • Electromagnetic brakes.

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Electromagnetic FEM computation including rotor motion:

This video shows an example of flux density simulation of an electrical machines using Comsol Multiphysics.

FEM eddy current distribution in magnets:

This video shows an example of eddy current distribution computation in magnets of an electrical machines using Comsol Multiphysics.

FEM thermal model:


This video shows an example of FEM thermal simulation using Comsol Multiphysics for an electrical machine.

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